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Beauty and Your Feet

Latest Information About Beauty and Your Feet:

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  • Shoe Hollywood Stories – Celebrity Shoes
    A Look at Hollywood’s Elite Feet
  • Shoe Hollywood Stories – The Sole Scoop
    Top Foot Docs Reveal Answers to Common Questions
  • Shoe Hollywood Stories – Give Your Feet Star Treatment
    15 Steps to Fabulous Summer Feet
  • Shoe Hollywood Stories – Personal Toe Training
    Exercise and Massage Tips for Keeping Feet Healthy and Strong
  • Shoe Hollywood Stories – Profiles
    Five Women Share Their Foot Health Stories
  • Shoe Hollywood Stories – Starting Your Child Off on the Right Foot
    Top Ten Tips for Treating Children’s Feet

Walking and Your Feet

Latest Information About Walking and Your Feet:

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  • Winning Best Walking Cities 2004
    A list of the 12 winning U.S. walking cities for 2004’s competition
  • Walking Shoe Selection
    A guide to choosing the right shoes for all ages, especially for walking
  • Alternatives to Walking
    A list of other activities for those days when you need a little change of pace
  • Stretches for Exercise Walkers
    Stretching tips and techniques to keep you on your feet
  • Walking Facts
    Facts on the benefits of walking
  • Walking Tips for Seniors

Diabetes Foot Health Information

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